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(Bronypalooza 2013)

Party like a brony!!!

PhillyPu’s awesome set! 

Hat signature list

Toxic Mario
Speedcore Dave
General Mumble
Mic the mic
Additive subtractive
Steven AD
D. Notive
Jack the Herbert
Phony Brony
Assertive Fluttershy
7th element
Silva hound
One Trick Pony
DJ Tetsuo
Neil (DrawPonies

And a few more I can’t make out


This happened at bronycon.

Look what I created! With the idea from a friend XD


did i have to be in every pictureYES I’M SORRY I WAS JUST REALLY EXCITED

butyea here’s a buttload of pics from PokeCon this weekend~~~if any of these are you lemme know!!!:D
mk let’s see what we have heeere

me as may!! :D,desmond in his grumpeon cosplay (heh, naw it’s just umbreon. but really des why you look so grumpy)

the adorable amy as an eevee maid and a skitty maid, too!

a trainer Black/Hilbert whose cosplay i lovedlovedloved and the CUTEST mincinno, also i found yelloooooow<33, and the most perfect link & zelda

then desmond again aka PIKATRON and his pal akaSQUIRTLENATOR, my new bud jessi rockin’ youngster joey, 
and then that guy selling slowpoke tails that i totally didn’t have a huge crush on lolimeanwutshuddup

Squirtlenator… I like that! A lot better than me just coping Desmond’s Pikatron XD

Was a blast hanging with all you guys!!


Ponyville Live! is proud to bring you a special interview with the creator of the Iron Pony, a fully customized motorcycle painted in the style of Rainbow Dash from MLP:FiM.

Since 2011, Doug has been toiling away in the quiet campus town of College Station, Texas, working on his labor of love, a 1976 Honda GL1000 motorcycle, rebuilt from the ground up in “Cafe Racer” style.

Both his love of ponies and attention to detail are very clear in his creation: the main body paint matches Rainbow Dash’s body color to the exact pantone swatch, the trim and accents match the colors in the cutie mark emblazoned on the side, a number “11” on the back pays homage to RD’s number in the episode “Fall Weather Friends”, and the bike even has Spitfire brand tires.

After years fine-tuning his masterpiece, he is finally ready to debut it to the public, and plans to bring it for display at Fiesta Equestria! in Houston Texas on the weekend of June 28. Ponyville Live! is a proud streaming partner of Fiesta Equestria!, and will be providing live panel coverage, commentary and music from the convention all weekend long.

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